About the Movie

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And Some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost..
History became legend, legend became myth,
And for two and a half thousand years, the Ring passed out of all knowledge.

The Lord of the Rings came to mivie theaters in December of 2001 and was definatly a hit. The movie was nominated thirteen times and won four Oscars. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. The movie is definatly up there as one of the ultime great movies. I personaly give this movie four out of four stars. Although it is a good movie, It is not recomended to children due to the fact that there are a lot of adult themes, and some of the creatures may scare young children. I have included some information about the Movie that fans should know.

Interview with Elijah Wood on his character Frodo.

Director: Peter Jackson


Frodo played by Elijah Wood Bilbo played by Ian Holm. Sam played by Sean Astin Pippin played by Billy Boyd Merry played by Dominic Monaghan
Gandalf played by Ian Mckellen Aragorn played by Viggo Mortesen Boromir played by Sean Bean Legolas played by Orlando Bloom Gimli played by John Rhys-Davies
Arwen played by Liv Tyler Elrond played by Hugo Weaving Galadriel played by Cate Blanchett Saruman played by Christopher Lee Farimir played by David Wenham
Eomer played by Karl Urban Eowyn played by Miranda Otto Theoden played by Bernard Hill Denethor played by John Noble Gollum voiced by Andy Serkis
Grima played by Brad Dourif Treebeard the Ent Lurtz the Uruk-Hai Orcs The RingWraiths

Facts about the movie

Everyone in the Fellowship had blue eyes

All nine members of the Fellowship got tatoos to show their bond.

It took two years to film the trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand.

It takes an hour to get into the hobbit feet and five hours to put on dwarf makeup.

All of the actors had wigs.

More thatn 250 horses were used.

An average of 150 costumes were specialy made for each of the different cultures.